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We’ve written copy for all kinds of folks—realtors, hairdressers, wrestlers, tech teams… We’re versatile professionals, just like those who hire us.


There are billions of lines of copy floating around the internet. We make sure the message of your brand is what catches the eyes of future clients.


Every word written about your brand is an opportunity to build trust and share value with your future clients. Make every word count with consistent messaging.


Our company has


a wild side.


We bet you do, too. 

We’re not here to sell the same content you see across the web. We’d get bored of that as soon as anyone reading it. We want brands to stand out. We want to help the movers & shakers find their voice in any market.



Let’s put it this way. If you can type it, we can do it. We’re focused on carefully crafting each detail of your external messaging to keep the wild heart of your brand front and center, so you can connect with your future clients every time.

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Our story

Standing Out &

Staying Savage

This company exists because—honestly—we were a little sick of every brand feeling the same, every pitch to the consumer echoing the last. We have a distaste for corporate America. We have a distaste for traditional marketing. We want to disrupt. Those of us at Savage Word Services have a bit of a wild side. We hope to show off yours, too.

Our philosophy

Be Bold. Be Known.

Strong brands deserve strong representation. Our specialty is strength through language. By building brand equity through consistent messaging & crafting creative copy meant to build trust & rapport with future clients, we make every word of your marketing campaign count.

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Our Team

The individuals that make up our team are world-traveling, grammar-policing oddballs. But, magically, we’ve managed to get along in the professional world with our wordsmithing skills alone. Some may argue we’re also very charming folks, but you don’t have to decide that until you decide to work with us.

Savannah Hoover


Can’t tell jokes without laughing before the punch line, but can inspire folks with her prose.

Current Base: Albuquerque, NM

Greg Babel

Word Man

As in “man of words,” not “word, man.” He has been known to say that from time to time, however.

Current Base: San Francisco

Meagan Hill

Professional Scribbler

Runs exclusively on cold brew coffee, puppy kisses, and late night creativity.

Current Base: Salt Lake City, UT

Willie R. Nelson


No, he doesn’t run our finances… just the front yard. Meet the Chief Frisbee Officer & Head Happiness Supervisor of this operation.

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